About Us

Filling the gap

Co-founded in 2010 by four of Canada's most recognized call centre industry professionals, Zedd is a mid-size, outsource call centre operation with a singular focus, to deliver outstanding return from every single one of your customer contacts. Delivering profitable returns and a world class customer experience are not mutually exclusive activities. Your customers are looking to you for solutions, and that is exactly what Zedd Customer Solutions delivers for them.  The difference? We not only present customers with the traditional paths to resolution, we also offer them choice through alternative solutions that can deliver your organization greater returns while still satisfying customer needs.

We are an entrepreneurial organization backed by like minded investors who are well capitalized and not afraid of risk when it comes to investing in high potential partners. What this means is that it allows us to be more flexible than our competitors, which means greater choice for our clients. We are as amenable to bonus/malice and gain-sharing arrangements with our partners as we are to hourly, per-minute and per-incident structures.  We want to be able to build the solution that best fits your organization's needs.

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Custom designed inbound, outbound and digital contact centre solutions

Business-to-consumer sales
Business-to-business sales

List qualification
Affinity marketing
Loyalty marketing
Bundled product/service sales

Lead generation
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Licensed insurance sales
English & French capabilities

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