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Service contacts
Revenue growth

Zedd Customer Solutions specializes in convertingĀ customer contacts into revenue. We do this by matching our sales or service agent skillsets to intelligent consumer insights gathered from your customer contacts. The results, an increase in the probability of conversion growth.

Insights + Performance

Identify opportunities

It starts with identifying where the highest probability opportunities exist within any given contact management application. Do patterns exist within certain call types, is there a relationship between customer geographies and decision behaviour, do specific psychographic or demographic factors cause predictable outcomes? These are the elements we consider when analyzing your existing customer interactions.

Hiring profile

Based on the findings from the opportunity identification phase, we develop agent hiring profiles that best match the skillsets necessary to be successful in connecting with your customers and eventually capturing greater wallet share from them. We also look to grade an agent's potential to absorb training concepts and materials specific to your business.

Curriculum development

Meticulous preparation will always lead to better results. Fuelled by real customer contact data, development of the training curriculum is an extremely important phase in the success process. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that we get the optimal mix of core competencies. This guarantees that our agents reinforce the core values of the organization and remain congruent with the brand, all the while maximizing conversion performance.

Feedback loop

Conversion optimization management is a fluid process that continually evolves as new data is received. At Zedd, we believe that the ultimate success of any campaign hinges on our ability to quickly assimilate realtime results and efficiently course correct towards progressively better performance.

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