Seven business people holding white cards with letters to assembAs a business owner, you want to offer the sales, service, and support your customers expect. However, you may not have the resources for a dedicated call center operation. This is where outsourcing your customer contact management can create added value for your customers and create revenue-generating opportunities for your organization.

Outsourcing makes good business sense–it can increase efficiency and cut operation costs. A research study by Clutch, a B2B ratings and research firm, shows that small and large businesses alike can benefit through outsourcing. The survey found that 37% of small business firms outsource a business process and another 52% plan to do so.

Handling a call center can be costly, taking up time and resources and distracting management from focusing on other revenue-generating opportunities. However, customer service — and stellar customer service, at that — is essential to your company’s success. Your customers shouldn’t suffer because you don’t have the time or resources needed for a dedicated customer service center. You want to offer your customers a quality customer experience, so why not have an expert team dedicated to your customer service needs?

Outsourcing customer contact management creates a seamless process to deliver exceptional customer service. The outsourcing partner becomes an extension of your own company and the customer never even realizes their needs are being handled by an outsourcing team. The integrity of your unique business brand is preserved. Outsourcing is a win-win for your organization and your customers—you are creating value for your customer while saving on operating expenses.

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What aspects of your customer service can a technology partner handle? By outsourcing customer contact management, the outsourcing team can not only handle customer service calls, chat, and account management; it can also convert customer contacts into revenue by gathering consumer insights.

A good outsourcing partnership supports your company’s growth and helps you stay on budget. It doesn’t mean you don’t value customer service but rather that you do. You are allowing a team of experts to give your customers the time and attention they deserve and adding value to the overall customer experience.

Handling customer service needs with expertise and efficiency is the best way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Are you ready to see your business grow? Zedd Customer Solutions offers customer contact management solutions for your business, utilizing technology to convert customer contacts into revenue growth. Contact us to discuss a customized customer contact solution for your organization.