28349335 - concept of creativity of a businessman with flying ideaEach and every individual in an organization is a necessary player in advancing customer experience innovation. That’s because a company’s image will be elevated with higher customer expectations and more competitive offerings in the marketplace. A firm’s processes, policies and priorities have a lot to do with retaining — and losing — customers.

So how do you curate great customer experiences? Here are 5 proven ways to put this into practice:

1) Tune in to customer expectations. Forget the bells and whistles. Those are just means-to-an-end. Remember that the outcome, or end experience, is what the customer is really paying for. What do they REALLY want?

2) Check in. Are you in business to solve a need or make people’s lives better? Or is it purely for the sake of profit? Companies that are driven by profit alone tend to have a harder time standing the test of time.

3) Borrow ideas from others. Put in the time to examine how companies in other industries solve problems. Do what you can to take inspiration and adopt new processes and processes, adapting to your culture. Then keep what works and track results so you can measure success.

4) Lean in to complaints. When a customer take the time to share suggestions or vent frustrations, you can bet they represent a segment of your current (or former) customer base. The sooner you learn of any issues, the sooner you can adjust course. Time is of the essence so you can competitors take advantage of the opportunity and you’re left eating their dust. So listen intently and make adjustments as needed.

5) Audit your company culture. Take stock of operational practices — quarterly, at least. Approach them from the customer’s vantage point. Always be willing and ready to innovate to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As you evaluate progress on 2020 goals, which one of these ‘dos’ are you willing to focus on implementing?