Zedd Customer Solutions has upped the ante with respect to data security.

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is adherence to a set of specific security standards that were developed to protect card information during and after a financial transaction.

Having expanded our business to levels where self-assessment is no longer sufficient, Zedd has recently undergone the rigors of a qualified security accessory (QSA) audit and has achieved Level 1 Certification.  The scope of the data security assessment included applications/software, hardware, infrastructure/network, physical space and storage, among other elements of our operation.

And Zedd has satisfied the six main requirements for PCI compliance:

  1. We have built and maintained a secure network
  2. Cardholder data is fully protected
  3. We have an operating vulnerability management program in place
  4. Strong access control measures have been implemented
  5. Networks are regularly monitored and tested
  6. Our information security policy is current and will remain as such