71225905_MIn today’s digital age, more and more transactions take place without any human interaction. The customer can shop, buy, and receive service online. So, why then is customer service still so important? Inevitably, at some point, a digital transaction can and will go wrong and your customer will need to reach a live person on the other end of the line. How that company representative treats that call is of major importance to whether you will retain or lose that customer.

No business owner wants its customers to receive poor customer service—yet it happens, more than you realize. Perhaps when a customer calls, the associate who greets him on the other end of the line is having a bad day and doesn’t give the call the attention it deserves. It could be something as simple as putting a call on hold without first asking permission. These examples may seem like small things, but each time a customer doesn’t feel like a priority when he contacts the company, it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. This isn’t good for the employee, the company, and least of all—the customer.

We found some statistics on customer service we thought you might find interesting.

• An American Express Survey found that 68% of customers said their most recent positive experience with a company was due to the pleasant attitude of the representative.
• The same American Express survey said 33% of Americans who receive poor customer service just once will switch to another company.
• A study by ContactPoint Client Research found that 67% of customers surveyed hung up out of frustration after not being able to reach a live person through an automated call system.
• 73% of customers report a positive customer service experience is key to brand loyalty.
• A study by the Tempkin Group found that 22% of customers decreased customer spending after a bad customer service experience and another 19% completed stopped doing business with the company.

These statistics make it very clear—customer loyalty is directly related to customer experience. Yes, customer service is still alive and well and vital to your organization’s success.

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