friendly female helpline operatorBusiness owners in the U.S. may struggle to find an outsourcing call center service that can provide the level of service their customers have come to expect. Why not consider a Canadian partner to handle call center outsourcing? Nearshore outsourcing with a Canadian partner can provide several benefits including costs savings and multi-language customer support.

The practice of having a neighboring country perform work or services is known as nearshore outsourcing. The U.S. and Canada are neighboring countries with similar customs, ethnicities, business processes and methods of communication. Canada’s proximity to the U.S. along with other similarities between the two countries make it an ideal nearshore partner.

Whether your companies resources are stretched to the max or whether there is simply a shortage of employee to handle outsourcing needs, having a nearshore outsourcing partner will allow you to have a team dedicated to your call center needs. The benefit—you save money and your customer receive an exceptional customer experience.

By using a nearshore partner for outsourcing your customer contact needs, your team can dedicate themselves to other company functions that need more attention. You can expand your employee base without having to spend time, money, and other resources to train new employees.

A nearshore outsourcing partner shares a similar time zone to your own. With a minimal time zone difference, the outsourcing team will be available to service your customers during the hours when they most need assistance.

If you have never tried any type of outsourcing as an option for your call center needs, you shouldn’t be worried that the level of customer service will suffer. Today’s outsourcing professionals are highly trained and will provide a seamless customer experience. The customer may not even realize he is not talking directly to a representative of your company.

Making the decision to use a nearshore outsourcing partner will allow you to keep your customers satisfied while saving you money, also freeing up company resources to dedicate to other projects. Saving time and money will help your company increase revenue and continue to grow.

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