E-mail networking conceptYou have a slew of customer service options at your disposal these days, so there’s no reason to limit your business or your customers. One of the most convenient and customer-friendly solutions is email support.

In offices everywhere (at home or in company settings), email is a staple. Many people prefer to communicate this way with other employees and those outside their company. That’s because it’s incredibly convenient. They can write a quick email to the person and then move onto the next project. They don’t need to worry about returning to that email until the person responds. It allows them to keep checking off their to-do list while they wait for the reply.

So, it only seems natural, that many of these people would prefer to reach out to customer service in the same fashion. When the idea is on their mind, they can simply send an email to customer service. They don’t have to stop what they’re doing to have a conversation in real-time. Instead, they can wait for the reply and respond when it’s convenient for them. Email allows service agents a few hours to find an accurate answer before responding to customers.

Also, because of the convenience factor, customers can reach out to businesses at any time of day. They don’t have to feel limited by what the clock says, whether it’s midnight or 5 a.m., they can send out a quick email with their question or concern.

If a customer has a complicated question or wants to show proof of damage, they can even include attachments when emailing a company. If the service rep has additional instructions, they can easily email a link or an attachment to the customer as well.

Emails allow customers to express all of their concerns without feeling limited. There aren’t any character or word counts telling them how much verbiage they can include. If a customer has a lengthy concern, this allows them to provide a full explanation. They can use special characters like bullet points to highlight the main ideas of their email.

There are many reasons to offer email support. As you can see, it offers convenience to both the customer and the assisting agent. If you’d like to learn more about offering this solution or some of the other available services we have, please reach out to us at Zedd Customer Solutions. We’d love to assist you (and your customers).