Live chat is a great offering to provide to your clients. Many customers love the convenience and immediacy this form of support offers. It’s something they can do from their phone or while working on something else at the computer.

It’s no wonder so many customers prefer live chat support. To help your live chats go smoother, we wanted to provide some simple tips.

As we previously mentioned, one of the reasons people love live chat is because it’s a fast way to get a hold of someone. Or, it should be. When someone is going to chat, they expect to get service quickly. They don’t expect to wait or stare at a blank chat window for hours on end.

You can help customers get to the right agent by starting your chat with a survey. This survey should ask a few quick questions such as “what’s your name?” and “why are you reaching out to us?”. Something as simple as this can ensure your customers get the right department at the start of the conversation.

When answering a live chat, it’s important to let your customers know they’re dealing with a live person. An agent can do this by greeting the customer and introducing themselves.

As you chat with a customer, it’s important to stay positive and have a friendly tone. Using emojis is recommended. You can even say “ha-ha” if a customer is purposely being funny. Keep in mind, you want to be professional, so avoid using social abbreviations like lol. In addition, avoid sarcasm when communicating with customers.

Make sure you understand your customers’ requests. Once you have a clear understanding you can start to provide solutions. Never tell a customer that you’re unsure how to help them. Think about solutions, or speak with a manager, to figure out what options you have to resolve the problem or question. If you need to have the customer hold while you do some research, let them know, so they don’t think you just forgot about them.

Once the conversation comes to a close, make sure the customer doesn’t have any more questions or concerns. Ask them if there is anything else that is needed. Also, check to see if they’re willing to complete a survey after the chat has ended. Routine surveys provide an easy way to rate your service department as a whole.

These are just a few tips to ensure your customer chat support is done successfully. If you’re searching for help in this area, please reach out to us at Zedd Customer Solutions.