We all know that email and live chat support offer convenience to your customers. Smiling young asian businesswoman using computer working online

These solutions allow customers to reach out while they’re multitasking, busy or can’t make a phone call. Offering digital contact methods is especially helpful if you’re targeting millennials or younger generations because many people in these generations aren’t a fan of making phone calls. Plus, a busy life can make it difficult to set aside time to sit on the phone. And, we know that most people have a lot on their plate! So, if you’re wondering which solution/s your business should offer, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at live chat support. This type of support is quicker than email. It offers customers a more immediate way to get an answer. This is excellent for when customers are on your site shopping and need an answer before they purchase. When they go on your site, it’s also helpful to reach out to support after a problem occurs with their order. Live chat allows customers to get answers fast. Plus, it’s super convenient since customers can multi-task while the chat window is open.

Email is also easy. However, it doesn’t offer quite the speed of live chat. People may have to wait longer if they use email to reach a company. In some cases, this will not be as helpful for the customer. It also allows more time to pass, which means the customer could change their mind on that item in their cart during that time.

On the flip side, there are times when an email is preferred. A customer may have a question or concern, but they don’t have time to chat. They want to send the message while they’re thinking of it but don’t feel like chatting at this time being. They’ve got things to do, people to see. So, they send off a quick email and figure they can get back to it when it works with their schedule.

As you can see, both chat and email can offer your consumers a different type of convenience. The most important thing is to offer your customers multiple channels to reach you (not just a phone number). Consider offering both of these solutions to help resolve customer pain points, and you’ll ensure greater satisfaction.

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