Many things can happen between a customer looking at your product and buying it. That’s why there’s such a large percentage of abandoned online carts. How many people leave their carts before purchasing? The Baymard Institute says 69.82%! That percentage is a bit alarming, so we want to take the time to go over a few things that can help you avoid these missed sales. 112001438_M

1. Be descriptive and use good imagery. People may be interested in your product but choose not to buy because there isn’t enough information. On the other hand, maybe they want to know more about the product. For example, if it’s an editable product, they may be curious about the ingredients. This means you need to either list them or have a good quality image of the ingredient list. When creating a description, list anything the consumer may want to know.

2. Have a FAQ page. A potential customer may choose not to buy a product because they have questions, but they don’t see any answers on the page. Include an easy-to-find FAQ page on your website. Answer any of the common questions that you receive. This can help them determine on the spot if they want to purchase.

3. Use web chat support. Again, some people will abandon their cart simply because they have questions about the product but don’t feel like calling to get an answer. Make it easy for them to reach you with any concerns or questions. When you have web chat support, they can send a quick message and get an answer so they can check out ASAP.

4. Offer a discount or gift. This can be especially beneficial when a cart has been abandoned for a day. Sometimes people need a little push to finish the purchase. Motivate these potential customers by sending them something extra. For example, offer a percentage off their purchase or a free item when they checkout.

5. Keep up with your inventory. Another good way to help avoid missing sales is to ensure that you always know where your inventory stands. This way, you can help prevent running out of popular items, and you know when to discount items that aren’t selling fast enough.

6. Offer free shipping when they spend a certain amount. One of the big reasons Amazon Prime is so popular is the free shipping! People would rather spend more on an item than put money towards shipping. So that it’s still profitable for you as a company, consider offering free shipping once a customer reaches a certain amount. This may also inspire customers to buy more to hit this price point. If they have an option of spending $8.00+ on another product or $8.00 on shipping, they’re going to add another product to their cart in more cases than not.

These are just a few ways you can help reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales. We hope you found them helpful. If you’d like assistance with setting up and running web chat support, please reach out to us at Zedd Customer Solutions. We’re here for you.