TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canadian call center company Zedd Customer Solutions L.P. today announced that it has enetered a strategic partnership with SATMAP, a world leader in call center industry technology.

“Our partnership with Zedd will not only expose SATMAP to Canadian business, but it will also facilitate access to the latest BPO epicenter in Columbia through Zedd’s partnership with Andicall, S.A.”

Using neural networks and artificial intelligence technology, SATMAP matches customers with call center agents and delivers enhanced sales and reduced costs as a consequence.  SATMAP leverages an extensive list of more than 100 demographic, psychographic and geographic variables, in billions of combinations, to optimally connect calls with specific agents that are most ideally suited to succeed swith specific customers.

SATMAP gains intelligence by continually analyzing outcomes and updating agent information and performance after each customer contact.  The technology is currently being used by Global 500 companies in millions of interactions every day.  “The results are there for all to see and we strongly believe that SATMAP will become an absolute call center industry staple.  Partnering with them now is really a matter of giving Zedd a bit of a head start and competitive advantage,” said Michael Cravit, Executive Vice President of Zedd Customer Solutions.

“Zedd’s operating partners are four of Canada’s most experienced call center industry professionals.  They immediately recognized the benefits that our technology will afford Zedd’s clients, and have been outspoken in their conviction that SATMAP is exactly what the call center industry needs most,” said Orlando Hampton, SATMAP’s Executive Vice President, Client and Partner Services.

About Zedd

Zedd is a leading Canadian outsourcer that specializes in the provision of third party call center solutions.  These include inbound and outbound sales, customer service and technical support.  The company was founded in 2010 and currently has 400 seats that operate out of call center facilities located in Toronto, ONtario and North Bay, Ontario.  The company is privately held.  For more information, please visit


SATMAP is the world’s leading provider of neural-network and artificial intelligence based real-time personality matching technology for call centers.  SATMAP auditably enhances millions of interactions each day in diverse consumer facing industries such as telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, travel and retail.  SATMAP integrates with and optimizes existing call center technology such as workforce management software, voice analytics, call recording and PBX telephony.  Founded in 2007, SATMAP is a privately held company.  For more information, please visit